Tasmin Allen

The most important thing to me when I chose a driving instructor was to have someone local, with good reviews and a high pass rate. Cost was also important to me, and that I got on well and felt comfortable an safe with my instructor and i didn’t get too anxious about having lessons. At the start, learning to drive was more difficult than I expected. But over time it got a lot easier, especially with the many different ways something could be explained to me. I thought my instructors teaching methods were good because if I didn’t understand something explained one way, there was always another way it could be explained to make it easier for me. I’d recommend Spot On because the instructor was understanding, flexible to my needs of what time I needed my lesson and where I needed to be picked up. I also passed in 7 months at the first time I took my test which was incredible. For me, I don’t think anything could’ve been done better if I’m honest