Part 2 – Lesson 1


Re check eyesight
Re-cap Initial Drive
Work on M S P S L system of driving
Practice Reverse Bay Park and Pull Up Right Reverse manoeuvres


  1. Print ADI1 document and start to familiarise yourself with the layout. There’s no real need to read it all through just yet.
  2. Start to work through the Part 2 Driving Workbook
  3. Read the following sections Driving the Essential Skills
  • Controls
  • Mirrors
  • Starting to Drive
  • Manoeuvres


  1. Work on developing the ‘system of driving’ as in your workbook
  2. Complete Project 1 – Commentary Driving 1 Exercise
  3. Complete Project 2 – Safety Bubble Exercise


The aim of this project is for you to start to notice much more about your surroundings and to encourage you to start talking through situations, a skill you’ll develop much further in your Part 3 training.


1. Each time you go out in your car over the next week spend 5-10 minutes of the drive looking out for road signs and markings
2. Say the name of each one out loud as you spot it
3. Repeat the journey. Did you notice any more/different signs and markings this time?
4. Make a note of how these sessions went
5. Take your notes to your next training session


Give Way lines – hazard warning lines – direction sign for Bristol – national speed limit sign etc

Simply ‘SAY what you SEE’

You may start to see signs or markings that you haven’t noticed before. This is positive and shows that you’re becoming more observant.

Each time you see a sign or road marking consider its relevance and position. How helpful is it to you as a driver?


This project aims to encourage you to create and maintain enough space around your vehicle at all times.

Most people drive too close to each other and this can be the reason for many incidents that occur.

Think about how you’ll encourage learner drivers to maintain adequate safety margins. How soon do you have to act to create space? How early do you have to prompt a leaner to ensure that they have enough time to take the correct action?

When you’re working as a driving instructor you’ll need to convince your pupils about the importance of speed limits. Before you can convince your pupil, you need to convince yourself!

Telling learner drivers that they shouldn’t speed can be a waste of time, they really need to understand why they shouldn’t speed.


  1. Read about Stopping Distances and Separation Distances in the book ‘Driving the Essential Skills’
  2. Spend two 1hour sessions practicing the two second rule and considering all aspects of keeping control of your space.
  3. A route with busy traffic is suitable, try to include dual carriageway or motorway driving.
  4. Make a note of how these 2 sessions went
  5. Take your notes to your next training session