Part 2 – Lesson 3


Drive a different long route
Practice Parallel Park and Right Reverse manoeuvres
Practice Emergency Stop exercise


  1. Complete the Emergency Stop section of the Spot On eLearning course for learner drivers (Notes, Video, Quiz)
  2. Continue to work through the Part 2 Driving Workbook
  3. Read the following sections Driving the Essential Skills
    • Defensive Driving
    • Motorway Driving


  1. Work on any areas highlighted during your last session
  2. Complete Project 4 – Reading the Road Exercise
  3. Practice the Emergency Stop exercise and record on your form


The aim of this project is for you to look well ahead and anticipate what might happen next.

You need to look for ‘clues’ and build up a mental picture of what you think might happen next.


  • Location
  • Time of day
  • Other road users (ORU)
  • Cyclists
  • Weather

To drive to an advanced standard, you need to develop a keen ability to read the road ahead and anticipate likely situations well in advance.


1. Read the attachment on Reading the Road

2. Spend about 30-60 minutes in a busy area

3. Looking as far ahead as you can, consider what you can see and what you think might happen next

4. Spend some of the time talking to yourself about these situations


“There are cars parked outside a shop so a car may start to move away in front of me, or a door might open”

“I can see mud on the road so I’m expecting to see a tractor around the next bend”

5. Make a note of how you managed with this project.

  • Did you start to look further ahead in the road?
  • Did you see things that you might not normally have noticed?
  • Did you act/drive any differently?
  • Did you check your mirrors more?
  • Do you think you should have driven differently?
  • Do you think you should have checked your mirrors more?

6. Take your notes to your next training session