Part 2 – Lesson 5


Check the hazard routine is rigidly applied
Check how smooth driving is
Practice the weakest manoeuvres


  • Read or watch anything you feel would benefit you


  1. Work on any areas highlighted during your last session
  2. Complete Commentary Driving 3 exercise
  3. Complete Smooth Driving exercise
  4. Practice all manoeuvres


You should now be starting to talk your way through hazards and explaining your actions using the M S P S L routine.

You now need to add information about other road users, the road conditions, time of day, type of road, etc. you should be planning your commentary well ahead.

Commentary driving in this way will help your driving as well as your teaching and eventually talking to learner drivers.


  1. Watch the example video and go out and practice
  2. Over the next week or two go out driving at least 2-3 times for 20-30 minutes, to specifically practice this project
  3. Make a note of how well you managed this project
  4. Take your notes to your next lesson to discuss with your trainer


How smooth is your driving?

This is an exercise to measure and perfect smoothness while driving.

You will need:

  • Bowl
  • Water
  • Tray or a larger bowl


    1. Fill the bowl with water (try two thirds full)
    2. Place the bowl inside the tray/larger bowl and place it all into the passenger footwell
    3. Drive a route of about 2 miles
    4. The aim is to drive around without spilling any water at all. You should be able to achieve this at speeds of up to 50mph. the results will show you which aspects of your driving you need to work on to achieve smoothness.
    5. Record how much water was spilt at:
      • 10mph
      • 20mph
      • 30mph
      • 40mph
      • 50mph
    6. Record if the water was spilt when:
      • Starting off
      • Changing gear
      • Cornering
      • Accelerating
      • Decelerating
      • Braking
      • Stopping
    7. Take your recordings to your next lesson to discuss with your trainer