Part 2 – Lesson 6


Recap outcome of last session
Recap Show Me Tell Me questions
Assessment 3 – Full Mock Test
Consider results of the mock test to decide if further training would be of benefit


• Read or watch anything you feel would benefit you


  1. Work on any areas highlighted during your last session
  2. Practice driving as much as possible
  3. Practice all manoeuvres
  4. Practice some driving routes in your Part 2 test location several times before this Mock Test and then again before your actual test. Drive in and out of the test centre to decide what difficulties you may have to deal with on the day. Locate the busier roundabouts and junctions and practice them. Consider repeating the Projects already completed in the test area.
  5. Practice motorway driving if there is a motorway near to your Part 2 test centre

Please note:
It’s essential that you drive in the test location as many times as possible prior to your Mock Test and Part 2 test.