Part 2 – Test Prep

ADI Part 2 Test Report

Name: Colin Smith

Date and Time of Test: 17 May 2018; 10:30am

Type: ADI Part 2

Place of Test: Chippenham

Q. Was the test easier or harder than the mock test?

Very difficult to say. Mock Tests, by the very nature, are not as pressured as the real thing. That said, the pass standard feels the same so I would say six and two threes with a slight bias towards the real test feeling a little harder.

Q. Did anything surprise you during the test? Was there anything you weren’t expecting?

Wasn’t expecting to have to, actually, open the bonnet for the questions at the start (although this had been discussed that morning during the ‘warm-up’ that this may happen). Otherwise everything was as expected (although my examiner was also being examined – apart from the extra weight I was not aware of his presence).

Q. What manoeuvres did you perform?

a. Reverse Parallel Park. (Quite close to a junction behind and one on the right).

b. Forward bay park (in the supermarket car park just before the Test Centre).

Q. How was the route?

a. The route was from the test centre turning right into Chippenham and down to the double mini-roundabout turning right again.

b. From there it went into the town via the very low narrow bridge (Pedestrian Way marked by paint – no kerb and for the first time ever a pedestrian!) emerging on to the road that runs down to the big roundabout. (Downhill start performed here just before the roundabout).

c. Then round the big roundabout, out via the climbing turn roundabout and out into the country.

d. Fair bit of country road driving ending up in Melksham at the big roundabout. Then back to Chippenham to turn right into ‘Bumpers’ Farm and into the supermarket car park on the left.

OVERALL: The route suited me as, even though, at times, I was somewhat cautious on the bends because of my perception of the extra weight (maybe unreasonably so) of the car, I found it a fairly stress-free drive.

Q. What did you find easy? What did you find difficult?

Generally, I was quite happy until just over half way through when I suddenly thought I was not looking over my shoulder far enough when moving off. I had a moment or two of thinking I had blown it then the advice to keep going kicked in and I just did my best from then on. Make no mistake the standard is high and it is difficult to keep it to the level required.

Q. Were you very nervous? If so, how did you control your nerves?

In my past career, I had several practical and oral exams and regular competence checks – I was perhaps not a nervous as I should have been. The only point when I felt under real pressure was as previously described when I thought that maybe I had failed. I just remembered the advice and kept the narrative of what was ahead of me in my head.

Q. Do you think you were fully prepared for the test?

YES absolutely – any failures that occurred were down to me not the training.

Q. What could you have done to be even more prepared?

Difficult to say really; maybe I should have had a couple more Mock-Tests but that was my decision.

Q. Did you have enough Part 2 lessons with your trainer?

YES absolutely!

Q. Did you do enough Part 2 private practice?

For this test, you can never do enough practice, in my view! I had 12 or more runs to Chippenham to get to know it as well as I could and every drive I took I tried to do everything as taught. So, I thought I had done enough practice and it turns out I probably did but could I have done more? Absolutely yes!

Q. Were you expecting to pass? Did you, actually, know you had passed before the examiner informed you?

At the start, I thought everything was going well and I had relaxed into the drive feeling confident and happy. The fact that I realised I was not doing a good look back on moving off unnerved me but I felt the drive otherwise had gone well. I hoped that I had, actually, looked properly and was worrying unnecessarily. Otherwise I thought I had done well so I was hoping that I had passed and believed I had.

Q. Did you know what your faults were before the examiner, actually, informed you?

Kind of. He was very reasonable and his demeanour made me think I was doing OK. He marked me 3 times on an area (not making sufficient progress on the bends) which, normally, I would be very much on top of. I was surprised but since there were other faults (stopping in an inconvenient place and failing to move of safely) which he could have made more of I accepted the criticism gratefully.

Q. Do you think you pulled up and moved away a lot? If so, why do you think this was?

Clear now of course, but I think he was generous in not making more of it. If you get pulled up a few times just make sure you do the full look round!!

Q. How was the examiners demeanour?

For me he was exceptional – particularly as he was being assessed himself. He came across as professional but warm and friendly. Very impressed!

Q. Did you decide to have your trainer sat in the car during your test?

Yes – not for everybody I know but I think it helps your instructor to see what they are really concentrating on and that helps everyone.

Q. Is there anything you think might be interesting for other PDIs to know about your test? Was anything a surprise?

I, personally, found this test to be very demanding. I think I was fortunate, in that, this examiner looked at my driving in the round. Ann-Marie has worked with me to get my driving smooth (too many years of driving high performance and automatic cars had made me sloppy about smooth gear changes, braking etc.) I think, in the end, that was my salvation another examiner and who knows? General advice – it ain’t over till it’s over - don’t let your mind talk you into failure.