A. Have a strong cup of coffee and then drive home

B. Drive home carefully and slowly

C. Go home by public transport

D. Wait a short while and then drive home

Drinking black coffee or waiting a few hours won’t make any difference. Alcohol takes time to leave the body.
A driver who has been drinking should go home by public transport or taxi. They might even be unfit to drive the following morning.

A. Stop and rest as soon as possible

B. Turn the heater up to keep you warm and comfortable

C. Close the car windows to help you concentrate

D. Continue with your journey but drive more slowly

You’ll be putting other road users at risk if you continue to drive when you're drowsy. Pull over and stop in a safe place for a rest. Caffeinated drinks and a short nap can temporarily help counter sleepiness. If you’re driving a long distance, think about finding some accommodation so you can rest for longer before continuing your journey.